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     Forum for Conjure Shop News
Metaphysical Fridays
special psychic reading event every Friday night at the Conjure Shop. Check for guest readers and in-store special here.
1 1 11-06-2015 Metaphysical Frida...
by PapaGee
Conjure Shop INFO - Ordering, Shipping, Announcements, Directions
everything about how to order from us, what' going on in the shop, and basic info.
1 1 has $7.49 FLA...
by PapaGee
     Discuss and Ask for Help with Spells, Witchcraft, Hoodoo and Rootwork
Discuss and Ask About Love, Romance, Reconciliation, Passion
discussion for matters of love, marriage, relationships
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Discuss and Ask About Unhexing, Uncrossing, Removing Jinxes and Curses
how to cleanse and clear curses, hexes, jinxes
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Discuss and Ask About Money Magic, Finances, and $$ Drawing Work
all matters of money magic.
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Discuss and Ask About Cleansing, Blessing, Spiritual Baths, and Health Spells
house blessings, cleansing a space, rituals for health matters, etc.
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Discuss and Ask About Protection Spells and Keeping Harm Away
all matters of protection discussed including the oils, powders, and candles to use and more...
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Discuss and Ask About Baneful Spellwork: Breakup spells, Hexes, Hotfoot, Curses,
the unsavory but sometimes necessary side of spellwork
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     How to Use Conjure Shop Products - Oils, Powders, Incense, Candles
Anointing and Condition Oils Used in Spellwork, Prayer, and Hoodoo
White Mojo oils, Spirit essential oils, and other anointing oils discussed here.
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Candles - Candles for Spellwork, Dressed Candles, Setting of Lights
how to use our spell candles and how to order (or make your own) blessed and dressed candles and candle altar services.
1 1 Spell Candles - small chime c...
by PapaGee
Sage Bundles, Incense, Burning Resins, Incense Powers
all types of smoke and scent products, how to use them, and reviews.
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     Hoodoo, Folk Magic, and Witchcraft Topics
Tennessee Folk Magic Festival
info and past and upcoming classes, events, and readers at our annual TN Folk Magic Festival
2 2 2016 TN Folk Magic Fest wrap ...
by conjureshop
Hoodoo and Folkmagic in movies, the news, and modern culture 1 1 Beef Tongue Shut Up Hoodoo Sp...
by conjureshop
     Card Reading, Divination and Scrying Topics
Tarot Cards
discussion about Tarot Cards
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Lenormand Cards
Discussion about Lenormand Cards
1 1 The White Mojo Lenormand Orac...
by PapaGee
Pendulums, Crystal Balls, Scrying Mirrors, Bowls
how to use scry, divine, and spirit guide communication using tools such as pendulums, crystal balls, mirrors, bowls
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Tasseography - Reading Tea Leaves
discussion about all things to do with reading and divining with tea leaves.
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     Herbs, Herbal Blends, Teas
Herbs Used in Spellwork
all about the herbs we carry for spellwork and rootwork and how they are traditionally used
1 1 Agrimony as used in magic and...
by PapaGee
Herbs and Herbal Blends for Drinking - Tisanes
Tisanes are beverages that are drank like a tea (usually herbs) that are not the actually plant called "tea" (camellia sinensis.)
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